Will the new General Data Protection Regulation affect me and if so, how should I respond? | EN

We will address the main concerns from the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), how they may be affecting you, and what you should do about it. With the time at hand, we will not go into much detail, but you will get a general idea on what it is all about and the overall direction to take in order to comply. We will of course also cover how the use of WordPress and a few of its many options for integration may be relevant in this context. The new regulations will come into effect just before summer 2018 (May 25, 2018), and besides threatening with fines for up to 20 million EUR or 4% of your annual revenue, you will be equally responsible regardless of your position in the supply chain. This means that both you, your customers and your suppliers may be fined if you do not handle and protect personal information with the appropriate level of care and diligence.